CSPSP v1.91 released!
9/13/11 2:00 a.m.
Hey everyone! Finally got around to releasing a new version. Unfortunately, there aren't many huge/shiny new features; most of this update is focused on stopping script kiddie shit and fixing random bugs.

However, there are still a few changes that I think are noteworthy. First of all, I think I've fixed the bugs responsible for those annoying crashes during map downloading; I've also reworked some of the netcode to be (hopefully) more solid in general. In addition, CSPSP no longer requires reading from the idstorage (so HBL users -should- be able to play now...). Finally, I added an exception handler - when CSPSP crashes, it will try to print out a blue screen with debug information; this will help me track down bugs faster.

Oh and most importantly, bots now buy their own weapons when they get the money! Awwwyeahhhh.


-potentially fixed the freezing bug during map downloading
-tweaked networking code to be more robust (and caught a few bugs); also fixed 
  major exploits (speedhacking, infinite ammo, etc.)
-added check for tempAR (not allowed in multiplayer)
-added a menu for server admins to kick/ban players more easily
-added graphical gun delay indicator
-added a time slowdown effect at the end of a round
-fixed the bug in ffa where spectators' scores weren't being reset on new round
-added a limit on the rate of chat messages (to prevent spamming)
-bots will now buy their weapons when they have enough money
-added exception handler (debugging info should now be printed during a crash)
-fixed a memory leak with the player icons
-fixed a potential divide-by-zero bug
-removed idstorage requirement (so CSPSP should run with HBL now - untested...)
-fixed a bug where half downloaded maps weren't being correctly deleted
-tweaked the server list pinging
-v1.91 fixes a small bug with updating profile info

Anyways, enjoy the update! Questions, comments, etc. 

CSPSP v1.81 released!
1/7/11 3:59 p.m.

This is just a small update that mainly address some of the gameplay issues of ctf and ffa. I've made the respawn time editable (default is now 5 seconds), and I've also added a configurable invincibility period after spawning (indicated by a bubble surrounding players) as well as configurable start weapons (default is the MP5). I also fixed the bug in tdm where the round would end before a team was actually dead. Finally, I added some error checking in the lobby code to try and help prevent those common crashes in the friends screen (unfortunately, I'm not sure if it actually helps; I haven't had much luck reproducing the crash consistently).

   Fixed bug where the round would end while players are still alive
   Fixed a bug where grenades were not dropped on death
   Added more error checking when reading packets
   Added some error checking in game lobby (should hopefully prevent some freezing)
   Implemented temporary invincibility on respawn
   Implemented default gun config on respawn

Questions/comments please :)

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CSPSP v1.8 released!
12/26/10 4:20 p.m.

A late Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Years to everyone! As promised, here's my surprise for you guys: the newest version of CSPSP :D (bet you guys didn't see this coming). Anyways, I've finally added some new gameplay modes to multiplayer that will hopefully break up the monotony of only team deathmatch; specifically, I've implemented Capture the Flag and Free for All. In addition, thanks to Xiphirx's tip, I've added a fix that should hopefully get rid of that dread purple screen bug a lot of people have been getting.

Unfortunately, there's a small bug in the auto update feature that prevents the new flagrunner map from being auto-downloaded, but it should be pretty easy to get it from the servers online.

   Added Capture the Flag and Free for All gameplay modes (multiplayer only)!
   Included a new map 'flagrunnner'
   Fixed the purple screen bug (hopefully)
   Fixed a potential map downloading bug
   Added score indicator icons

Hope you guys enjoy this update! Questions/comments would be awesome. (clearly the gameplay still has to be tuned).

CSPSP v1.72 released!
8/23/10 6:14 p.m.
So since the last news post, I've updated CSPSP twice, now to version 1.72. Here are the changelogs:

   *DEAD* and (team) are now displayed correctly
   Fixed some bugs with map downloading (should be faster now)
   Fixed bug with incorrect player profile info
   Fixed freezing bug when leaving connection screen
   Removed unnecessary delay when downloading updates

   Added the ability to change the in-game team select and buy menus to use the directional pad instead of analog
   Added limits against invalid characters in text (should fix the freezing on the server list)
   Made the game recognize a map as different from the server's if it has no overview.png

NOTE: I was messing around with the auto update server, so if you used it and start to have problems, please download the 1.72 release and reinstall. Sorry about that.

CSPSP v1.7 released!
8/21/10 7:37 p.m.

Whoooooo, after a year and a half, I'm finally ready to release the latest version of CSPSP: 1.7! Sorry it took so long, but life was pretty busy for the past year or so. So, the greatest change in this version is that I stepped a bit away from the whole cs theme; the core gameplay is pretty much still exactly the same, but I've redone the menus and a lot of the graphics. In addition, I've worked a lot on fixing the network code, hopefully the online experience should be smoother than before (as always, I haven't tested it thoroughly, so I'm not guaranteeing anything. Overall, I've tried to make the game more polished by fixing those small little annoyances.

In addition, I would also like to introduce the new cspsp website. While many of you have probably already seen it, I'm officially opening it to everyone to use. It's still under development, so there might still be a few kinks to work out, but hopefully it'll be useful.

Anyways, I've already typed up a more complete listing of the updates in the readme, so I'll just let you read it for yourself:

   Redid graphical style and some layouts for menus
   Redid most of the graphics for the HUD (health bar, radar, buyzone, etc.)
   Redid a lot of the networking code (fixed some major bugs)
   Implemented shadowed strings that are MUCH easier to read
   Added background tile option for maps
   Added map overview feature for maps
   Made enemies appear on radar when they fire
   Added animated feet for the players
   Implemented hit/damage indicators (useful in multiplayer)
   Added muzzle flash
   Added reload animations
   Slightly updated gun graphics
   Improved score screen with mutliple mages so you can see everyone
   Added camera shake during explosions
   Removed HE grenade damage through walls
   Improved collision detection system (no more glitching and bullets going through walls)
   Updated bullet graphics
   Implemented a more convenient selection method for team select and buy menus
   Updated the default guns.txt (knife and HE grenade damage increased)
   Made nade still go off if you die while throwing it
   Implemented team chat
   Moved reloading bar and changed throwing grenade bar
   Changed initial loading bar style
   Implemented customizable player icons in multiplayer
   Added player profile to player info screen
   Added a lock to nearest player feature for freelook
   Implemented view angle value for guns (sniper rifles have it on by default)
   Made player names display over teammates (and everyone when in spectator)
   Updated secondary animations (hands are together now)
   Implemented ability to disable ratios
   Fixed bug where terrorists win when there are 0 people left (regardless of who dies)
   Added "_ killed you" and "you killed _" message to the HUD
   Implemented a change team option in the in-game pause menu
   Fixed a freezing bug in the spectating code
   Fixed a mistake in the credits
   Added a new map (cs_italy by Doublehawk)
   Removed "quit game" option
Hopefully the new network code doesn't have any major breakdowns. And of course, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Basic website features done!
6/28/09 6:02 p.m.
So, break's finally started and now I can spend my entire summer working on CSPSP. Ok, no, not really; I'm going to a summer program that basically takes up my time from monday-thursday. However, I'll definitely be able to work on CSPSP more often than I could during the school year.

During this weekend, I basically finished up the basics of this website. Now there's actually a point to logging in - you can change your password, edit a small info blurb (which won't actually show up in-game yet), and add/remove friends. I've also fixed up the players page so that you can browse through everyone alphabetically or use the simple search feature. Finally, everyone now has a small flag to indicate where they are from.

That basically sums up everything. So, until the next update... (whenever that is :b)


(Edit: I don't know how well the website will handle with more visits, so don't be surprised if it's down.)

News test
3/2/09 10:48 p.m.
test :b