CSPSP is a homebrew game for the Sony PSP, originally based heavily on Valve's popular Counter-Strike game. It's a two-dimensional overhead (top-down) shooter that features simple team gameplay and a variety of weapons. CSPSP focuses heavily on multiplayer gameplay and is one of the most popular networked PSP homebrew games. Some major features include:
  • Completely free of charge
  • A total of 28 different weapons to take down enemies with, including knives, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, and grenades
  • A quickly growing multiplayer community (there's almost always someone to play online)
  • A user account system with simple stats and friend lists
  • Hundreds of different maps
  • Fully-featured map editor (by coolguy5678) for the PC
  • Readily moddable (graphics, sound effects, gun configurations)

CSPSP is being developed individually by me (Kevin Chen), though I've gotten help from a huge number of places. Some credit shoutouts:
  • ps2dev.org for information about anything related to programming on the PSP
  • James Hui for his JGE++ engine
  • Google for its App Engine (which powers the entire online system + this website)
  • Mark James for his Silk icon set
  • coolguy5678 for his map editor
  • The many map makers for maps that are actually fun to play on
  • And of course, the players, for actually playing the game