Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next version of CSPSP be released?
There is no definite answer to this, though it won't come sooner if you keep asking. I work on CSPSP in my spare time and I usually only make releases after major improvements, so it generally takes a while.

Can I get the source code?
No. Since CSPSP is multiplayer, there are inherent risks in releasing any network code. There are ways to avoid them, but I'm not experienced or skilled enough to implement them yet. Plus, my code sucks. You don't want to see it. Really.

Can you change my clan tag?
If you stop bothering me, yes. Just kidding. Manually updating clan tags is a tedious chore and letting everyone just set their own tag won't work very well (some people don't understand that you can't just join any clan you want on a whim). I'll get a clan system up eventually. Until then, patience (it's just 4 letters before your name, how important can it be :|?).

Can you implement -insert suggestion-?
If the suggestion is reasonable, I'll consider it. Of course, I usually try to implement major features first, so small changes will most likely have to wait.

CSPSP doesn't run on my PSP; how do I fix this?
CSPSP is homebrew, so it must run on custom firmware. If you have custom firmware and it still doesn't work, make sure you're running the game under the 3.xx kernel (or 4.xx or 5.xx or whatever it is by now).

How do I host my own server?
You have to first download the CSPSPServer application (check the download link). To setup the server, follow the instructions in the included readme.txt.

I think that someone is cheating. What should I do?
More often than not, perceived "hacking" can really just be the effects of lag. Just because you see a bullet hit doesn't always necessarily mean that it really did from the server's perspective. However, if you're positive that someone is indeed cheating, report it on the forums, along with an explanation of exactly what happened.

Someone just switched my kills and deaths! What happened?
That was me. Sorry, but that either means that you were caught modifying your kill/death ratio or you were playing the game in a stupid manner (killing another afk account over and over, leaving the game whenever you're about to die, etc.). If you promise not to do whatever you did again, I'll consider resetting your kills and deaths back to 0.